Message from the
St Neots Sixth Form Team

Added on the 20/07/2017

Dear Parents and Students,
As the summer holidays are upon us, here are a few reminders. Entry into the Sixth Form in September and starting Year 12 courses are subject to the results achieved at GCSE. GCSE Results will be distributed from 9.00 am on Thursday 24 August at Ernulf and Longsands. Your results envelope will contain a letter from us about your place in the Sixth Form indicating the status of your application to St Neots Sixth Form or your stated alternative destination.

If, following Results Day, you have any questions please contact us at

The transition tasks can be found under ‘Courses’. You will need to select your subject from the listing to find the transition link. Our expectation is that you will complete these preparation tasks so that you are ready to begin your courses in September. The purpose of these tasks is to check that you definitely understand what the course involves before you commit to it; to introduce you to the importance of independent study and to give your teachers an early indication of your capacities. If you have not attempted the tasks when you start Year 12, this may be an early indication that you are not suited to the course. Also, if following your results, you are considering an alternative subject; you should have a look at the tasks for that course as well so that you are prepared for the start of the year if you change your subject choices.

For those students joining St Neots Sixth Form, Tuesday 5 September will be the signing on day when decisions about your courses and subject choices will be finalised following discussions with Heads of Department and subject leaders.

Tuesday 5 September:

8.30 – 8.45 Arrival - Tutor group and rooming information will be available in the Sixth Form Centre
9.00 Welcome to the Sixth Form – breakfast with your tutor
9.30 Assembly in the Ritchie Hall
10.00 Preparation time with tutors, including signing on for subject choices
12:30 Return to tutor
1:20 Session ends but Key Stage 5 Support staff will be available for further consultation during the afternoon.

Wednesday 6 September – finalisation of courses and timetables. Only students needing further advice and guidance will be asked to attend.

Thursday 7 September – all Year 12 classes begin. 8.45 am registration then lessons from 9.00 am.

We look forward to working with you in September. In the meantime, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at For those not joining us in September we wish you all the very best for the future.

Best Wishes
Mark Taylor
Director of St Neots Sixth Form